Итальянский язык

If someone yells and shakes his hands furiously, does it mean he's italian? Would Harry Potter be able to cast spells in italian, taking advantage of the resemblance between this language and latin? Is it possible to learn italian on the marshutka by listening to Ramazzotti's songs on the radio?
We will try to give a proper answer to these and many other (more serious) questions, discovering the history of the peoples who contributed to forge this beautiful language.
The meeting will be held in spaghettinglish. If you don't understand it, just look at the italian guy's hands and everything will be more clear.

Something about me:
Buongiorno a tutti! I'm Andrea Di Stefano and i come from Milano, the place with many fashion brands and rich people. Yeah, i'm the exception, unfortunately.
After my studies in Politics and International Relations i worked as a journalist and later as an associate teacher for the "Società Dante Alighieri".
Tired of too good weather and shouting people, i decided to freeze for a few months in Minsk.
мне нравится этот город!

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